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About This Project

(Semi) Automatic PET/ HDPE blowing machine

Taking matters in your own hands, depending on others can be risky. WSM Holding offers a range of PET but and HDPE blowing machines. These can be manually or fully automatic. All depending your volume needs. The machines can be fitted with different size moulds to ensure your exact needs.

Key benefits

Low investment, small size machine. Simple to operate. Change over from 1 size bottle to another is simply and quickly. Maintenance costs are limited and no need for highly trained engineers. Comes with all machinery components needed like a compressor, air-tank and chiller.

wsm-automatic blowing
wsm-5 gallon blowing


Each machine is designed to suit your requirements. Specifications accordingly.

More information?

For further information regarding any of our machinery, or specific enquiries for other machinery not listed, please contact us on info@circleingredients.com and we will contact you promptly.

wsm-PET Blowing machine
wsm-Bottle blowing machine