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About This Project

Automatic pouch / vertical filling machine

A versatile machine very suitable for automatic filling of small pouches for as well food and non-food applications. This machine is filling pre-printed pouches and sealing on 4 sides. This is very economical and less hazardous for the environment. The machine is small in set-up but can do high volumes. As WSM Holding we can also supply the printed film rolls for your convenience.

Key benefits

The machine features automatic quantitative filling and sealing the packaging on 4 sides in order to guarantee perfect sealing. The whole machine is controlled by PLC human-machine interface control system. The machine can directly fill fruit juice and other high concentration product in a unique manner, the filling speed is adjustable. No filling will be done without bags. The machine is suitable for filling of bagged fruit juice, jelly, soybean milk, soy milk, fresh milk, yogurt, purified water juice, oil etc. Also think of non-food applications such as detergent, bleach and or fabric softener for refill packaging.


  • PLC control system
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Easy adjustment of volume.
  • Automatic filling and bag disposal
  • Photoelectric tracking for bag length to have a smooth and accurate filling
  • Feed pump
  • Robbin coder included
  • Temperature controlled
  • Weight 350 kg
wsm-Automatic pouch-vertical filling machine

More information?

For further information regarding any of our machinery, or specific enquiries for other machinery not listed, please contact us on info@circleingredients.com and we will contact you promptly.