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About This Project

Automatic labelling machine

Our automatic labelling machines are multi-functional and will help you to provide high precision labelling. When you want your end product to look good a labelling machine is key in your success to market your product on the supermarket shelf. Do not wait and ask for our solutions.

Key benefits

PLC control, full-automatic working touch-screen control panel, easy to operate. The inaccurate labeling is eliminated because of the structure of three rollers capable of locating the labelling position. Any labelling post can be realized, AB symmetric labelling, with the fixed point and position labeling. (need to increase position electric eye and product positioning). The machine structure adopts enhanced rigidity design, make the machine own a simple, elegant and stable appearance. The machine can be assembled with electric positioning eyes and pressure inflatable. This will improve the precision of thin and transparent bottle labels. The machine can be used in a production line or be used as a stand-alone operation. We can add an automatic feeding mechanism. Sensor control in case of no label and the machine will stop. 304 stainless steel machine main body with aluminium frame.

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Each machine is designed to suit your requirements. Specifications accordingly.

More information?

For further information regarding any of our machinery, or specific enquiries for other machinery not listed, please contact us on info@circleingredients.com and we will contact you promptly.

wsm-Automatic labeling machine