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Within the Personal Care range we supply semi-finished products: the only thing required is adding e.g. desired color and fragrance to give the product your own appealing identity. Our benefit is no hassle intensive product development, formulating, sourcing raw materials and producing with expensive equipment. The only addition is a finishing touch! You can pack and label the product yourself or we take care of the artwork and packaging solution. Other option is a finished ‘ready-to-go-to’ market product.


Latest developments like sulphate free shampoos, biobased formulations and modern production facilities allow just-in-time production with divers products and flexible volumes. During years of Research & Development 650 ‘ready to use’ formulations have been developed and can be proposed in case you are looking for a fresh product, alternatively an existing formula is composed and produced with the requested packaging and labelling.


Also natural cosmetics are developed and produced according to NATURE labels.


Next to Personal Care products a full range of medical devices form good opportunities to create a unique range of products via Private Label production if requested.


Find below a diverse range of product applications for personal caring solutions :


  • Sunscreens – tanning creams and lotions
  • Massage oils
  • Anti-insect sprays
  • After-bite gel
  • Scrubs
  • Acne products
  • Scar creams
  • Cooling gels and sticks
  • Anti-aging creams
  • Eye serum
  • Pregnancy sticks (anti-striae)
  • Pharmacy creams like ointments


We guide our customers in the creation process from start to final ‘go to market’ solution by offering useful products with commercial viability.

More information?

For further information regarding any of these ingredients, or specific enquiries for other ingredients not listed, please contact us on and we will contact you promptly.