About Us


Circle Ingredients, Circle Packaging & Machinery and Circle Cosmetics are built on 2 decades of experience with a strong international focus in the chemical industry and food processing.


Remaining close to our customers, realization came that many of them struggle to get the right mix between sourcing, production and marketing. Our goal is to create a worry-free environment for our customers in which they can devote their time and efforts to the growth of their business. We will make sure your raw materials are delivered to your doorstep at the time you need them. We will also act as a partner in your goal to automate processes.


With a rich history of sales in Africa, Middle East, Caribbean and Central America plus sourcing in Europe and the Far East the possibilities are endless. From the start the customers’ needs, remains the central focus. Problem solving has always been seen as a great challenge and opportunity.


One common goal to go the extra mile! That is why we choose to divide our services between three separate companies that closely work together. Circle Ingredients, Circle Packaging & Machinery and Circle Cosmetics.


The choice is yours: import of chemicals and raw ingredients plus access to the required machinery and packaging materials. Sometimes all in the mix, sometimes just one…


Each company works quickly and agile to help you reach your goals. each company strive to exceed your expectations by making sure you never have to worry about quality, safety, import problematics, storage or delivery.


Contact us now for more information and take your next step towards growth and success.